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Devotional Apps

Forward Day by Day

Forward Day by Day offers prayer on the go. daily spiritual practices for busy people. The app includes the daily meditation from Forward Day By Day, daily morning and evening prayer from the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church, and the daily scripture readings from the lectionary.

Our Daily Bread

At Our Daily Bread Ministries, we want to encourage you to spend time with God daily. The Our Daily Bread app is a great tool to connect with God throughout your day.

Based on the daily print devotional for youth , this simple app offers a brief prayer, a scripture passage, a short reflection, a closing prayer and sending. Users have the option to play music in the background with each day’s devotion.


Daily Office Apps

DailyPrayer: Church of England

One of the best apps for praying the daily office. It has a clean attractive format and each day gives you the psalm and lectionary readings so you’re not flipping around with multiple books and/or screens. You can pray the full set of offices from morning, midday evening, and night/compline and you can choose the traditional BCP or the contemporary prayer book of the Church of England called  Common Worship.

The Daily Office from the Mission of St. Clare

Based on the 1979 Episcopal  Book of Common Prayer, this app includes psalms and lection readings as well as text and recordings of chants and hymns used throughout morning, noonday, evening, and night prayer. It’s very easy to use. Bonus if you like the 16th century Coverdale translation of the psalms, you can click and pray them instead.

Order of Saint Helena Daily Office

The daily office of the Anglican monastic Order of Saint Helena. The app is plain but simple to use and the sisters have worked diligently over the years to incorporate more gender inclusive and expansive language while hewing to the tradition and flow of the Book of Common Prayer.

Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

Based on the popular adaptations of morning, midday, and evening prayer developed by Shane Claiborne and his team in the book of the same name. It’s a pretty straightforward text based app. One nice feature is the songbook that has folksy, a cappella recordings of all the hymns used in the daily prayers.


Prayer Apps

We love this great resource put together by Jessica Schaap, the Mission for Christian formation to the Diocese of New Westminster. Thank you for pulling this together! These prayer apps are free, reliable, and can be used on tablet, phone or on the computer Here’s a list of ones to consider. Many of them have audio, music, and even singing. These can help us know we pray with the whole body of Christ even when we may be separated in space. 

A popular 10-13 minute guided prayer session that gives scripture, questions for reflection, music, and prayer. It’s all audio with soothing voices and based in Ignatian spirituality, which invites us to use our senses and imagination in prayer and relationship with God.