Welcome to HolyTrinity/St.Paul's!

We are glad you are here.  Please know you are welcome and encouraged to join our faith community life.  Here at Holy Trinity/St. Paul's, we provide an inclusive safe space for all by being respectful and kind to all who enter our doors.  Feel free to come and worship with us but there are also many opportunities to get involved in community life, if you so please.  Our Sanctuary is accessible by way of a ramp at the front door on Selkirk St.  Our Parish Hall is accessible by way of a ground level entryway off Selkirk St. 

We have four unisex bathrooms all with grab bars.  Coffee hour after church is in the Parish Hall which is accessible by the ramp to the Selkirk entrance.  Church groups are held in the Parish Hall. 

For those with hearing challenges, the sanctuary has a sound system to help amplify speaking volume during the service. 

We are a scent-free building.

We encourage you to explore our Internet Resoures section to see what might strengthen your journey.

Grace and peace be with you always. 



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At HolyTrinity/St.Paul's


~  We celebrate God's unconditional love for all  ~

~  We grow prayerfully with open hearts & minds  ~ 

~  We are inspired by the ancient and the new  ~

~  We respect the dignity of every human being  ~

~  We serve one another and the community  ~


Grace and peace be with you always. 

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